Thursday, 4 October 2012

More Violence In The Media

Black Ops 2 Tariler:
Evil Dead 2 Trailer:

How Do These Clips Represent Violence?

The two trailers show two very different sides of violence in the media. The Black Ops 2 trailer is much more serious in tone, war is portrayed as gritty and dramatic, a portrayal that fans of the franchise are used to. The setting is also clearly very modern, with stealth bombers and realistic weapons and camoflauge outfits to give an accuarate portrayal of a modern war. In contrast the Evil Dead 2 trailer parodies the explicit 'slasher' genre of horror movies that were popular in the 1980's. The violence is incredibly over the top and intentionally silly with decapitations, a woman getting attacked by a tree possessed by an evil spirit and a re-animated corpse stabbing itself with a chainsaw and spewing blood over the set. All of these ridiculous occurences are designed to make viewers laugh at how explicit and silly the violence is as much as horrify them.

Do You Believe That The Media Promotes Violence?

I believe that neither of the trailers promote violence. The Black Ops 2 trailer is merely a depiction of war, it neither glorifies nor condemns violence. There are no actions that make war or violence in general look like sometghing that you should aspire to re-create, if anything the trailer is a detterent from violence since people are shown dying and buildings explode, it is a very accurate depiction of war. Most people would probably see the trailer and think that the game looks entertaining but they would never want to re-create this situation in reality for fear of losing their lives. The Evil Dead 2 trailer is so over the top and ridiculous that no sane person would think that these actions would be possible in real life. The violent events in the trailer are clearly not capable of happening in the real world which is where the movie derives most of its humour, the fact that the occurences in the movie are so unrealistic. People would definitly realise that this move is a parody of excessivly violent films and would respect the use of Evil Dead 2's own excessivly violent context since it is used to comedic effect and to make fun of other horror movies.

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  1. Sam you have to keep your personal beliefs and opinions out of these answers! It's too much of a rant about what you believe, rather than an analysis of what is actually going on. When you answer these questions, you need to do so in a formal and analytical way, and not in such a casual and informal manner. You should think about the reception theory, and about preferred, oppositional and negotiated meanings.