Friday, 10 May 2013

Film Ratings - Controversy and Debates

The release of the documentary film, 'Bully' generated controversy because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave the film an R rating meaning that no children under the age of 17 could see the film unless they were accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. As the documentary is primarily aimed at children and teenagers it was argued that the R rating would sabotage the film as a large proportion of the film's audience wouldn't be able to see the it an would not receive help with their own bullying problems as a result. The documentary's distribution company, The Weinstein Company launched an appeal against the rating so bullied children of all ages could see the film but the appeal failed.

The cast and crew of the movie, 'Blue Valentine' were outraged when the movie received an NC-17 rating due to the movie containing an oral sex scene. The movies star actor Ryan Gosling argued, "How is it possible that these movies that torture women in a sexual context can have an R rating but a husband and wife making love is inappropriate?". The MPAA eventually changed the rating of 'Blue Valentine' to an R rating and actress Michelle Williams was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the movie.

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