Thursday, 20 September 2012

Homework - Representation

1. How does the trailer use media language to engage it's target audience?

The actors and actresses in the trailer are clearly stereotypes of upper class people. By showing these over privileged people enjoying themselves the trailer attracts two groups of people: the first group are the escapists who want to watch 'Made In Chelsea' because they aspire to be rich and extravagant like the characters in the show, the second group are the cynics who watch the show purely to make fun of the characters for being pompous and ignorant.

2. What sort of representations are created of young people?

The people in the trailer all look young (early twenties) and they are all having a great time, they look as if their lives are just huge parties and they don't have a care in the world. They also seem to be very wealthy since they are partying in what appears to be some kind of gothic manor, they are all wearing corsets and other clothing that was popular a couple of centuries ago and at one point you see a man reaching the epitome of excess when he opens a champagne bottle with a sword.

3. What do we learn about E4 from watching this?

We learn that E4 knows how to reach a target audience. They know how to construct and direct a trailer in a provocative way so that the trailer generates interest in 'Made In Chelsea'. Cleverly the trailer doesn't tell us a lot about the show, all we see is people partying, we aren't told about any of the characters or storylines so the trailer leaves people wanting to find out more and the only way they can do that is by watching 'Made In Chelsea'.

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