Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moral Panics - Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton served as the 42nd President of the USA from 1993 - 2001.

In 2001 Clinton was accused of having extra marital affairs which he admits to and was also the victim of unsubstantiated sexual harassment charges. These accusations were constantly being reported on by the media, particularly right wing American media who opposed Clinton's presidency. In 2001 Clinton was impeached largely due to his sexual harassment charges. Clinton was a successful and popular President with a high approval rating from the public, he opposed war in the Middle East and was generally admired by the public for his image as a "single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald's -and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas", but despite his popularity a few months of media hysteria was all it took to get Clinton kicked out of office.

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