Thursday, 13 September 2012

Moral Panics - Chik-fil-A Controversey

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Chik-fil-A is an American fast-food restaurant chain. In recent years Chik-fil-A have generated controversy when it was discovered that Chik-fil-A donates substantial amounts of money to anti-homosexual groups. Chik-fil-A's chief operating officer, Dan Cathy, is himself openly anti-gay.

 Chik-fil-A's anti-gay stance has provoked both left and right wing people.

 After many left wing political groups and media outlets criticised Chik-fil-A, arch conservative politician Mike Huckabee organised "Chik-fil-A appreciation day", where on the 1st of August thousands of people bought Chil-fil-A food to show support for the restaurant, the restaurant chain saw record breaking sales on the day.

In response to "Chik-fil-A appreciation day" left wingers held "Same Sex Kiss Day" on the 3rd of August where same sex couples would go into Chik-fil-A restaurants and start passionately kissing.  

The Mayor's of San Francisco, Chicago and Boston have all stated that they will not let Chik-fil-A open another restaurant in their cities until they change their anti-gay stance and stop donating money to anti-gay organisations.

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