Thursday, 29 November 2012

Do you believe that Media Institutions should be allowed gain information through any means possible in order to create news?

- Begin with some back-story on media institutions invading peoples privacy to obtain news stories and briefly outline the two sides to the argument, the people who are in favour of tactics such as phone hacking and those who are against such tactics.

- Introduce the idea that media institutions should be allowed to use any means neccesary to create news and back up the argument with real examples of media institutions using extreme methods to obtain the truth or news stories that are important to the public.

- Then argue against the idea by introducing examples of the media going too far to obtain news stories where they have commited acts that are morally wrong and use those examples as evidence.

- Talk about the benifits of phone hacking.

- Give some background on the media institutions who have used phone hacking.

- State your opinion on the topic.

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