Friday, 9 November 2012

New and digital media offers media institutions different ways of reaching audiences.
Consider how and why media institutions are using these techniques. (48 marks)

  • Media can use the internet to you interact with their audience, to promote or improve their film or to get feedback. 
  • Can reach a younger audience as there are lots of teenagers on the internet. 
  • You can target teens by advertising on facebook, Twitter, youtube.  (EXAMPLE)
  • Allows more people to access what institutions want us to see.
  • Different platforms can be used to promote a film for example APPS (EXAMPLE) 
  • Faster to communicate with audiences.
  • Mass promotion between institutions - teaming up to promote something.
  • Niche and specific audience. 
  • Customers can be made to feel special, like a priority.
  • Audience can access the media at any time because of the availability of the internet. 
  • E4+1 anmd dejavu - audiences are more up to date.
  • Audience have freedom.
  • 'The audience narrative has changed as they are able to enjoy a very specific diet of programmes or films that they are interested in.'
  • Can access MEdia anytime anywhere and therefore people are able to see new promotions etc immedietly.
  • Direct interaction with fanbase eg:  email subscriptions.
  • online services  - version online.
  • Love Film - promotions offered to entice customers in. 
  • Once customers are signed up for something, their details are there for institutions. 
  • Websites are becoming more advanced in their ways of interacting with consumers. (EXAMPLE)
Withe new and digital media it is a lot easier for an institution to directly interact with their own fanbase, for example, on the Rolling Stone website you can now listen to the new Deftones record in its entirety before it is even released, this is an effective way of marketing the record, the fans are allowed to sample the record before they even buy it so the fans feel priveledged and have a greater loyalty to the band. In fact, marketing music on the internet in general is a good business strategy, nowadays a bands entire discography is usually located on itunes and other file sharing websites and it is a lot easier to access music, especially obscure muaic with a niche audience, in previous years to listen to a bands full discography you would have no choice but to hunt down the individual records so consumers nowadays have a lot more convenience when trying to access product. The same thinking can be applied to the world of film, Netflix allows you to stream movies directly to your TV which is a lot more convenient than going to the movie theatre or waiting for the movie to be relased in stores on DVD or Blu-Ray. All of this added convenience means that people are more inclined to access media such as movies and music becuase it is easier, this of course means greater profit for the institution that produces the media so these marketing stratef=gies are benificial for the producer and the consumer.

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